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SJCAM SJ7 Star v1.21 Firmware with RAW A12 Ambarella Support!

Hello SJ7 Star Native 4k Action Camera owners,

V1.21 second version (r2) is here!

In addition to adding RAW, it will also fix some other issues.

V1.21 A12 Changelog (Jan 30):
1. Adds RAW function
2. Fixed LCD returning from sleep issue.
3. Fixed 720p 120/240fps screen aspect-ratio problems
4. Update SJCAM shutdown LOGO
5. Optimized loop mode to remove no-sound issue in last 2 frames
6. Optimize video refresh function

7. Fixed the issue of going into failed timelapse when powering on from Quick Record. 
 8. Optimize the long exposure On camera interface to switch to normal video and then switch back to regular camera pictures, fixes black screen problem
9. Optimize the screensaver mode when disconnecting the charger, fixes black white-screen problem

V1.21r2 fw download Jan 30 edition.

Let us know if you have any bug reports or questions!

PG Team


  1. Please inform the change log, beta version .. Thanks

  2. v1.21 version, Changelog is that it adds RAW support...

  3. The long exposure option is not working in PHOTO LAPSE mode and does not work in SELFIE TIMER mode. Notify the firmware team before the final release.

    1. Also there is no Long Exposure control within the mobile app!

    2. SJCAM V1.21 changes: SJCAM_SJ7_STAR-V1.21 (this version will come Jan 31st)

      1. Increase the RAW function
      2. Optimization quit LCD jitter after sleep problems
      3. Optimize 720 * 120/240 screen deformation problems
      4. Update SJCAM shutdown LOGO
      5. Optimized to open the loop video for each last two frames no sound problem
      6. Optimize video repair function
      7. Optimized to open the fast video function to switch to interval video after the restart interval lapse recording failure
      8. Optimize the long exposure On the camera interface slide to switch to normal video and then switch back to ordinary camera pictures will be black screen problem
      9. Optimize the screensaver mode plug the charger will be white-screen problem

    3. Then... where I can find the RAW converter?

  4. Audio quality is low, too compressed

    1. We are updating the fw now... plz make sure the date of fw has also been updated.

    2. Latest Jan 16 RAW v1.21 fw uploaded just now! Please re-download if you downloaded earlier. Thanks!

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    4. Using Wi-Fi feature, SjCam Zone Application, Version 5. 3.1, hangs on the files download screen.

    5. Please, if possible, enable video rotation option in other resolutions.

      Long exposure is not working in PHOTO LAPSE mode

      Long exposure is not working in SELFIE TIMER mode

    6. Long exposure never worked in those two modes.

  5. With distortion correction enabled, the camera freezes at the moment of photographing.

  6. Hey guys, did you update to the latest fw updated Jan 17?

  7. Can anyone please share a couple of RAW samples?

  8. Can someone please for the LOVE OF GOD...ADD IMAGE ROTATION TO ALL RESOLUTIONS?

    1. Ambarella only has added support for 4k. We will have to ask them again ...

  9. I cannot test raw feature because can't find anywhere the converter tool... Help me

    1. Please email The converter may have an issue actually..

    2. is not forecast to release the RAW to SJ7 converter?

  10. After 3 months a decent raw converter wasn't released yet...

    Disappointed :(


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